It's never too late to start something new at your local neighbourhood house.

If you would like to make suggestions for programs and activities in your area, please contact one of our Neighbourhood Houses.


Arrabri Community House

Arrabri Community House offers a broad range of programs, courses and activities. All our services are designed to be affordable and to bring people together in a warm and welcoming environment. We offer health and wellbeing programs, computer courses, literacy programs, art, craft and cooking classes, employment skills, personal development programs and parenting courses. We also offer occasional child care and playgroups.

Central Ringwood Community Centre

Central Ringwood Community Centre is a not for profit organisation, providing a diverse range of programs and services, including adult education courses, recreational programs, health and wellbeing programs, support groups, and venue hire. They have designed all of their activities to be as low cost as possible, and offer a warm, welcoming and informal environment. They are committed to helping the community to achieve a greener and more sustainable future, and are proud to have developed the Bedford Park Community Garden.

Glen Park Community Centre

Glen park community centre is a friendly, supportive and welcoming environment for everyone in the community. Our mission is to create a strong, connected community – free from poverty, isolation and injustice, where every person has access to food, housing, social and economic participation, lifelong learning and support. Glen Park is home to a successful registered Social Enterprise cafe; Cafe on the Park, offering delicious meals, catering, training and volunteering opportunities. 

North Ringwood Community House

North Ringwood Community House Inc is located within the Parkwood Hub on Tortice Drive. We not only offer a large variety of lifestyle activities, groups and courses, but are also a Registered Training Organisation offering Nationally Accredited Courses. Our vision is to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment by creating opportunities for lifelong learning and social connection. We boast excellent parking, disabled access to all rooms and many other great indoor and outdoor facilities.


Yarrunga Community Centre

Yarrunga means beneath tall trees and evokes images of people gathering to embrace the spirit of community through sharing and learning from each other. If you’re a person who values community, wants to learn or try new things or wants to be involved, you will find Yarrunga a place where a sense of belonging and connection occurs naturally in a friendly, safe and inclusive environment.